Our kennel "z Krainy Narwi" was founded by chocolate Labrador Retriever female YES KANO TONGA Zandalle (SONIA), who joined us in 1999. Show seasons in 2000-2001 were full of success. She got titles like: Show Winner, Junior Winner, 2x CWC, BOS and 3rd place at European Dog Show in Poznań 2000.

   Next Labrador who came to our house was yellow RADUNIA Herbu Zadora (DUNIA). She was showed in junior, intermediate and open class with excellent and very good notes. On July 2002 she became a brood bitch.

   In 2002 we decided to keep a chocolate girl from our own breeding, from combination of MACHO Górska Fantazja and YES KANO TONGA Zandalle. We called her BEATRIX z Krainy Narwi (VERA). She's fantastic as a working dog. She loves carrying everything. Very good and excellent notes (with some medals) gave her a title of brood bitch in 2004. Our next labrador are CALINECZKA z Krainy Narwi (SABA), LUTNIA Magna (LUTNIA) and black STANCA Solva Swimmer (SONIA). Currently, a group of our females increased two yellow girls ALFA z Krainy Narwi (ALFA) and BARBIE z Krainy Narwi (OMEGA).

   We also have 3 stud dogs: ARMAGEDON z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury (AXEL), HIRO-HARUKO Zandalle (HARUKO) and chocolate NESTOR pod Jabłoni± (KAJ).


   Puppies from our kennel have founded kennels like "Zabajone" and "z Jaćwieskiego Rodu".


   After almost 10 years of our adventure with Labradors, we decided to buy a Lagotto Romagnolo boy DAMASCO from slovakian kennel Angelus Mei, who's called at home OTTO. Few weeks later Otto got a sweet white friend - QUINTE from german kennel Comes Cordis, vel BIBI.


   And that's how our kennel grew up in 2010 by representatives of still unpopular breed in Poland.